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Day or Night Milkco is working for their customers.

Located in beautiful Asheville North Carolina, Milkco Inc. is different, choosing to use corrugated packaging, distribution, and centralized order picking to benefit our customers with short lead times and quality products.

Local farmers provide our milk supply with a majority coming from a radius of less

than a one hundred fifty miles of our facility.

Sealtest is one of our available brands

Milkco is currently producing twenty one different private label product lines.

The partnerships we build with our customers provides the right products in

the right quantity at just the right time.

Contact our first class customer service department and ask us how we can help.





Sealtest is one of the brands available to our customers


Milkco is producing some of the best quality products in the industry.

Quality products will build long lasting relationships and lack of quality will not.

Our relationships with our customers has built partnerships lasting decades.

We want to be your supplier now and in the future



Customer Service

When you think of customer service the easy stuff seldom comes to mind.

You are out of a product due to unforeseen circumstances.

One of your customers calls with an emergency.

The weather is bad.

These are the times you need first class customer service.

Milkco would be honored if you choose us during these events and all others for your needs.


Quality and customer service without manufacturing efficiency will result in products that are not affordable.

Milkco Inc. invest in our people, new equipment and processes on a yearly basis.

State of the art control systems are updated regularly.

Filling and  packing equipment are refined continuously.

The automated pick system stands alone in the dairy industry.

All of these ongoing efforts allows Milkco to charge fair prices for our quality products.